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Principal's Message

Welcome to Western Middle School! The Western staff comes to work every day excited by the opportunities and challenges presented by this age group. When people who work in middle schools tell others what they do, they are often met with an inquisitive “Why?”, or, more likely, “Are you nuts?” But these people do not get it! They do not understand the joy that comes from working with young adolescents who are self-confident yet insecure; possess a robust individual streak yet have an intrinsic need to fit in; are intelligent yet capable of making mind-numbing decisions. It is this very dichotomy that provides the energy that makes middle schools special and our job imminently enjoyable.

Western Middle school is an exciting place to learn and grow. Developmentally, the intellectual, emotional, and physical changes that occur between the ages of 12-14 are the most significant in any three-year period in a child’s life outside of birth to three. With this immense change comes an equally large opportunity. In a recent study done by the American College Testing Program (ACT), it was determined that the single greatest indicator of success in college is 8th grade achievement in core academic subjects. This only confirms what I have come to discover - that what we do matters and it matters a great deal. Middle Schools that are simultaneously inviting and challenging are necessary for this learning to occur.

The Western Middle School student population is diverse racially, ethnically, religiously, economically and linguistically. We recognize the challenges this diversity brings, yet we also know that it is this very mix that makes Western unique and special. We are truly representative of this great nation. We also get that students do not attend school in a vacuum. We understand what families are going through as they attempt to get that ‘sugar cube pyramid’ completed between ball games and dinner. We also know that however your child presents in school, he/she is apt to have similar tendencies at home. This is a partnership. Together we can prepare your child for high school and beyond. We look forward to working beside you in this endeavor.


Gordon Beinstein


Western Middle School